Saturday, September 24, 2016

Time for Ten at Exploring the Writer's Craft

This morning I had the privilege of participating in a free writer's workshop where we were given ten glorious minutes to write about any topic after reading a mentor text. It impressed upon me even more that I need to make time for that on a daily basis. I need to just stop and clear my head. Here is what I came up with this morning and later revised again and again.

Time for ten minutes
Last night it was five
How often do I do this?
How often do I sigh?

Breathe in deeply, exhale out
Let words flow freely
Time for five or ten is how

Let the ink flow purposely 
moving words through and out
World of work in motion paused
Heart strings resonate now

Don't get this much 
Doesn't come knockin' on my door
Art of stillness in writing
Allows focus and so much more

I am running out of time
Running out of space
Blocking all else out just to write 
Five or ten is what it takes

Phone turned off, beauty sitting still 
Writing what I value, what I love
This really is not new

Again, won't come knockin'
But other voices will
They can wait till I'm done
So for now, I bid them adieu

How much more can I say?
Will I stick to this now?
Perhaps reminders on my i-phone
Can encourage this vow

Stop and write, 
Reflect, look outside
Stillness beckons and woos me
Right now it is LOUD!

My body will thank me
This can help keep me sane
Tick, tick, tick, time's almost up
Time for ten was the frame

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