Wednesday, September 14, 2016

More Healing

Sometimes we don't know what needs healing until something breaks. It's easy to keep busy with duties at work or home, but when the busyness halts, what comes floating to the surface? What oozes out? What is heard and seen?

Proverbs 27:17  reads, "Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another." (NASV)

I am so thankful for those people who do that in my life!  They are honest and real with me. Like a bathroom mirror, they can reveal how I come across. Even as I am getting older, I see I am still in need of some sharpening. Nobody's perfect and I have certainly not arrived.

After a long talk with a dear friend last night, I was stimulated to think of three straight to the point questions.
  • Does the issue or feeling keep me from fulfilling my everyday responsibilities?
  • Does it interfere with my relationships?
  • Does it keep me from enjoying life?

If I answer yes to one or more of those questions, the warning lights are flashing.  It's time to put the car in park and take a look underneath.  Healing comes when the truth sets us free. 

Each year I get my car inspected. Every three thousand miles, the oil gets changed. Eventually the tires and brakes need to be replaced. If I don't keep these regular service appointments, it will be sure to break. The day will come when I won't be going anywhere except to the shop for some major repairs.

Just like my car, I need to make time for emotional/mental health check ups. I need to keep the people I trust and love close by. I need to let them challenge me and make time for that to happen. I thank God for those who already have.

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