Friday, November 27, 2015

Table- Five Minute Friday

The stories one can tell

The places it's been

The food and hearts it's held

when gathered around it

If only wood could talk

What would the wood say in your home?

Another time of feasting and strife?

Laden with delicacies galore?

Another day covered with books and

papers put off till a rainy day?


An emptiness, a longing for many to gather

round to share the joys and sorrows they have?

Day after day is it merely a piece of furniture,

collecting dust?  What would the wood say

if wood could talk today?


Check out Kate's site to see what others have gathered around our online table to write.


  1. I wonder what our tables would say. I'm sure some would have heartwarming stories, and others with heartbreak. And some would have a little of both.

  2. I love this!!! Such food for thought.

    ~#52 this week