Friday, July 31, 2015

TRY- Five Minute Friday

If you haven't read any of my posts before, I hope you have found your way here to "TRY" something new and found it worth the trip. May you be encouraged. Blessings and peace to everyone!  Here are my thoughts for this week's prompt.

Take the plunge

Relish every minute

You never know how things will turn out until you TRY

I recently saw a posting on FB that read, "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal". Routine is safe and comfortable. One knows what to expect, but if we never try anything new, we'll never grow. Recently I took my first trail horseback riding through the woods. I was nervous. We were outside the arena. Amber, the fifteen hundred pound draft horse I ride, is a lot of horse! She moved faster than I ever thought. Cool breezes blowing, leaves rustling, an open hillside, and she was excited. I was nervous, but went, rode and lived to tell about it. I'm looking forward to the next one.


To see what others are saying, TRY Kate's web site where FMF began.


  1. Oh, but I'm such a fan of routine... I hate change! ;) Such a good reminder that safe and comfortable isn't always the best!!

  2. Beautiful post! I could just imagine riding your horse through the woods. "One knows what to expect, but if we never try anything new, we'll never grow." I often get so dependent on my routine (with three small children it is sometimes my lifesaver). Recently, however, I've begun to see that breaking out of the routine offers fresh insight and inspiration. Blessings from your FMF neighbor! -Tasha

  3. ohhh i love that acrostic. and the reminder about new vs same old. thank you for sharing friend. visiting from fmf