Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Door-My 5 Minute Friday on Tuesday

Ok, so I am really late on this one. It was a busy weekend and too nice to be inside typing away. I was also wondering what I could write for Friday's prompt. Nevertheless, I finally came up with something.  I am hoping we can all take something inspirational away from this one.


It is labeled in my classroom for a young, brave, newly arrived Chinese student. The door to America opened to him because the door to Americans' hearts opened. China's orphanage door closed to him.  He has learned the words and understands "open" and "closed" now. He thinks he will return to China. He has yet to learn there are many more doors to be opened right here in America. Overtime he expands his vocabulary and understanding a new pathway is created. A pathway to more or deeper relationships or perhaps the pathway he will take for a career in life. He is excited! He is happy! More doors are waiting.


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