Saturday, January 10, 2015

WELCOME- Five Minute Friday in 2015

When and where


Loves you and makes you feel

Comfortable even if you come in from the

Outside. You can

Make friends with

Each person there, where you are welcome

I composed the above this morning and wrote something else to follow it, but now that I am typing it on my blog I am compelled to alter it. It may not follow the rule, but as I think more on what WELCOME truly means, I was brought back to my teen years.

At age 15 I went to live with another family who became my legal guardians due to extenuating circumstances in my own family. They gave me my own room and painted it pink. They brought me to church with them where people happily greeted me each Sunday with smiles and great big hugs. I didn't know any of these people, but they sure seemed to like me even though I came from the outside. It was their warm welcome and acceptance that wooed me towards Christ.Today, I still see some of them and we continue to enjoy a long lasting friendship and fellowship together on Sundays.

I am so thankful for that memory and more importantly, the people who helped to create it. I want to WELCOME more and more, not just because I was shown such kindness, but because we never know what people are going through at the time. Our kindness could help change their lives forever, for the better. I know mine was!

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  1. Visiting from FMF. Wouldn't this be a great work if more people were welcoming? Good job and good jog of your memory.Glad you decided to "bend" the rules.