Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Picture and An Editor Equal Change

Treasures in darkness
Hidden jewels, buried deep
Jewels waiting to be discovered in a cave or cavern, leading up to the green
A girl with some tools and limited vision
First she had questions swirling, circling, frustrated.
She was wrestling.
Why, Lord, Why? What is this? Where am I headed?
A man clothed in white, standing beside a table, pointing to a tunnel
The Good Book opened up, next to a candle
After that, came an i-phone lit up with scriptures and quotes
She held it in her hand, shining its light to direct her on
With a pick axe in her right back pocket, she begins to move onward and upward
Up through the tunnel
A tunnel so narrow and long
Pearls and diamonds, rubies and opals
Lined the way, waiting to be mined and discovered
This was the image, the picture I got, and set about in haste to create
A girl with tools on a journey, acquiring the treasures hidden in darkness, lining a secret tunnel that led up to the green.
How beautiful and rich, I thought to myself, but oh, the changes He wrought
My Editor had come.
He directed, refocused, clarified, and began to reshape
Two weeks later a very different picture He led me to creating
Images of pearls, diamonds, and rubies were replaced
Now I saw brilliant gifts of creativity and faith,
On Saturday morning, the day before completion, He added something quite different,
the music played by an old violin.
And still more to be added were people, but not in form or body
Their lives he wanted represented by jars, nothing much to look at or shining
The old violin, He said was to be battered and scarred
It embodied the people, passed over and forgotten
The tunnel disappeared, the girl no longer needed
Just a white cross with shed blood, power reaching out, bringing life to the objects
Real diamonds and pearls, I never added or glued, just music coming from the old violin that was battered and bruised
The Book opened wide, the candle still present, sitting upon the old table in a gloomy, dark basement
The cavern rocks all speckled white, black, and gray
I peeled off and set aside
Perhaps another day
Two passages later, a song's lyrics, and reflection
An experience or two, had all refocused my vision
The picture evolved over two weeks time, but the theme of treasures in darkness, all hidden in secret, were now clearly defined
What happened? Why the changes you ask? How intriguing?
I have learned it is better to wait because time with my Editor always results in some changes

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