Sunday, August 16, 2015

Learn- Five Minute Friday

As the days pass on and become years there are many lessons lurking beneath life's fertile soil, crashing waves and the mountains we climb. Thank God we CAN learn. Thank God we do not need to be as the fool, who declares in his heart "There is no God" and stumbles through life without rhyme or reason.

Each year I reflect on the ups and downs of the passing year. What have I learned from the past until now?

  • Death hurts no matter how many times we witness its theft. 
  • My body is the only one I have, so take care of it and listen to it. 
  • Don't blow changes off. It may be more than you think.
  • Family and friends are always needed.


To see what others have learned, check out where many of us come together each week to respond to a different a prompt and write about it for five minutes. Enjoy the posts!

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