Monday, October 31, 2011

Children in Sunshine-Written 10/6/11

Have I told you I love it?
Have I told you how much?
Children engaged outside,
marveling at nature's wonders,
sketching the beauty they see.

To save Earth, they must love it.
To love Earth, they must know it.
To know it, they must spend time in it.
They must experience it.

I pray my students, my children,
will love and cherish it.
May its majesty overwhelm them,
as a rushing waterfall spilling over or
the sweet song of bluebirds and insects.

I pray they love it enough to care
as a new mother watches and nurtures.
I pray they share its goodness and
leave it intact for more to gaze upon.

I pray I see children's children
basking in warm sunshine,
mesmerized by the beauty they see.

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