Thursday, June 23, 2011


Do you hear what I hear?
"You need to prepare yourself. This is serious."
"You can't listen to them. Don't believe everything you hear."

Do you see what I see?
A man standing six feet tall
fit and trim
riding bikes with his grandchildren

Can you believe what I read?
Stage 4
lung cancer
Chemo and radiation on Wednesday

"No, you're not driving," his wife reprimands him.
The son chimes in-
"I'll go with him. He'll be fine."
"Do you want me to go?" the daughter asks.
"No!" they respond in unison.
The groceries would wait
There was enough salad for another day anyway

Six months of chemo
5 days a week radiation
How can it be?
Where will it lead?

There's nothing to get about this
Like the day the twin towers crumbled
Life will not be the same again
Thank God for monotony
Thank God for survivors
Thank God for my dad

Welcome to a new normal

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