Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Voice, Another Victory

As I think back on the past eight months of this year, 2010, I realize, I have been most inspired to write about the people I know or have read about. They are ordinary people we may pass on the street and never give a second thought or glance. Yet they shine in spite of horrendous obstacles.

Just this past week, I was introduced to another. Norma Hotaling (1951-2008)who formed a non profit organization called SAGE (Standing Against Global Exploitation project). Below is a link to the article about her own struggle and victory over a life of drugs and prostitution. What an amazing woman!

Upon reading the article myself, a burst of energy shot through me. Although she died at the age of 57, I dare say she lived more fully and accomplished her purpose in serving others and paving the way for them to be set free. May we all be inspired to do likewise.

Enjoy the read!

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