Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lot's of Ladybugs

I reached inside the small party gift bag my student, J.T. gave me, to pull out a rectangular turquoise box. I was thinking, "Wouldn't it be neat if there was a frog inside?" Ever since I discovered Kermit at a yard sale a few years back, I just I love frogs. I lifted the top off. It was not a frog, but a ladybug key chain instead. This was just as good, if not better. This past school year was the year of ladybugs. I've never seen so many!

In the fall, my students and I saw several crawling on the outside brick wall of our school. Bright, red with tiny black dots; they all congregated together. They were trying to get inside. Upon arriving home later that day, I discovered several outside my apartment building on the door frame. Then later in the week, some had found their way into my apartment. Time of year? Probably. Winter was on it's way and no doubt they were wanting to get inside for the warmth, but I wonder if there was a deeper significance. I like to think there is or was.

Ladybugs are indeed lovely and seen as a sign of good luck, but I didn't know much more than that until I did some of my own research online. I was enlightened to find they have a very short life cycle of only a few weeks, yet can reproduce hundreds of generations within one year. They are also great for your garden.

When I showed the key chain to my friend, Rita, she remembered the influx of ladybugs I was bombarded with late last year. I said, "It must have some significance, but not sure what."

She replied, "Ladybugs are protectors. They protect gardens." I had never heard that term used to describe them before, but I now know they eat aphids which can destroy a garden.

I love these amazing creatures! They are brightly colored, delicate, useful insects which multiply like crazy. They are known to reproduce anywhere from three to six hundred generations in one year. That's a lot of multiplying to say the least!

They are inspirational in the sense that I pray my life will add such beauty and protection to those in need and bear much fruit. Therefore, I will always welcome lot's of ladybugs.

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